ViperAutos: Car Pre-Order Process

Pre-ordering a car has some advantages over buying a car already showcased at a car dealership. some of these advantages include getting it at a far cheaper rate, getting to choose the exact specification you want/like etc
However, to guarantee safety of your money in pre-ordering you need to do this with a reliable automobile company and that is where we come in.
With over 12 years in the automobile industry, 9 years of online car sales, 7 years experience in pre-ordering cars for various Nigerians and regarded as the safest place to buy cars online - you are surely in safe hands.

Our Pre-order process is straightforward as indicated in the steps below:

1. You choose a particular car you want by telling us the car make, model, year and spec you want exactly so we can give you the best possible total landing and clearing cost inclusive. We source it and send you detailed pictures and detail on the vehicle. If you're satisfied with what you see then we proceed to second stage.

2. We send you the PRE-ORDER agreement document comprising of the transaction details which you'd sign and send us back a scanned copy.

3. Remittance of the funds to our corporate account to begin the purchasing and shipment process.

4. After 8 weeks you pickup your car at our office in Lagos,Nigeria or we deliver it to your doorstep to your instructed location.
(Delivery outside lagos attracts extra fees between N30 - 60k depending on state in the federation)

5. In the event that the buyer is incapacitated in anyway at period of delivery e.g sick, traveled, dead etc the vehicles ordered will be handed over to their indicated NEXT OF KIN which they shall indicate when filling the agreement form.
If you would like to proceed in ordering a car for yourself kindly contact info (WhatsApp/Call 07055343818, 08068097693, 08027468420)
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