It is a known fact that a lot of people are looking for how to invest their money for it to work for them, but either dont know how or where to invest it.

Are you looking for a sure way to invest the funds you have to grow into a bigger sum?
Are you looking to invest the funds you have in hand for a future project e.g buy a property, business etc ?
Do you have funds wasting away in the bank and dont know what to do wit it or how to use it for business to grow it?
Are you looking for a business you can invest in, sitback and relax while it grows in profit by itself?

if your answer is yes to all/any of the above then our Fixed term investment scheme is ideal for you. Instead of having money idling away in your bank account or getting low interest rates on fixed deposits, treasury bills or so called real estate business etc you could invest in our fixed term investment scheme and reap 100% ROI just within a space of 12 months or 45% in just 6months without you stressing yourself. Yes, this is possible through us because, we have the platform to achieve that. Not even real estate investment can guarantee this return on investments. We started this scheme in 2015 as seen on our website here: and we can tell you that it has been a smooth ride with those who joined us since then.

At ViperAutos, we can guarantee you that ROI within those stipulated periods.
We basically use this investments to trade in both local and international used cars and auto parts market which are sure selling commodities.
We've been doing this for a couple of our old customers who believe in us and we can do same for you.
Complete agreement forms will be signed by both parties and an upfront cheque payment for your ROI will be given at point of fixing so you are fully guaranteed of getting your capital and profit. No stories whatsoever.

It's a fixed term investment programme with us You fix a certain amount of money with us for either of 6 or 12 months period.

Minimum investment seed = N3, 000,000. and above.
6 MONTHS FIX DURATION ROI:- 45% return on investment(profit)
12 MONTHS FIX DURATION ROI:- 100% return on investment(profit)

Example: Assuming you fix N9m for 6 months you'd get back N4,050,000. If you fix it for 12months you'd get N18m back.
Also, you get a security in form of an upfront cheque for your projected profit money same day you fix and a signed company sealed agreement with us irrespective of your country/state of residence.
For those seriously interested in this investment opportunity which will make your money work for you rather than wasting away with the banks or tied down in some business where you can't tell when it will yield profit; call our numbers or WhatsApp +2347055343818, +2348068097693 or Email: BBM Pin:- 7AB86CED
Twitter: @ViperAutos
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