CAR RESPRAY: Has It Been Resprayed Before(1st Body)?

If you've ever accompanied a friend to purchase a car alongside their mechanic/technician you'd have probably heard a statement along this line, "Is the car 1st body? has it been painted before?" or you hear "Oga/Madam, the car no be 1st body. dem don respray am". The person is basically saying the car has been resprayed at one point or the other.
Now, most local mechanics/technicians would tell you not to buy cars that have been resprayed before, and most buyers, following that basic thought process; will adhere to that suggestion not even stopping for a minute to analyze the reason given by the mechanic. Most times, these guys don't even bother to check the reason for the respray before condemning the car based on this unreasonable reason.
We do suggest that respraying a car is akin to repainting a house or polishing ones shoe. Imagine using a shoe for a weak everyday and not bothering to polish it; how would you look?
Imagine a house being lived in for 10 years without some form of repainting or renovation; how would it look at that point? Now, imagine how a car manufactured, for instance in 2005(10 YEARS AGO), and not resprayed since then will look by now; definitely not as clean as it used to be. So why would anyone buying a car over 10 years old quickly refuse buying a car that has been repainted? we will tell you why that happens most of the time in this clime.
Over years, a lot of car dealers have built a reputation of being very devious in their car sales. They hardly tell the truth about the state of the cars on sale, and sometimes even sell scrap as cars. In the last few years, and with the rapid penetration of internet in the country, people are becoming smarter to check cars history online before purchasing them. However, some tricks will always be there to be pulled by some dealers. However, there are many straight-forward dealers out there. The main reason why some local mechanics/technicians would tell you NEVER to buy a resprayed/repainted car is because they believe all cars resprayed have been involved in an accident, fixed badly, and resprayed for sale.
However, this popular notion is true in some cases and false on some other days. There are a couple of reasons why a owner of a car would decide to spray their car before sale.

1. The cars paint is looking old and they want to respray it so it looks new again for the new buyer.
2. it has been accident-ed and after fixing its resprayed before sale.
3. The owner doesn't like the color it came with and wants to spray it to their favorite color.

Looking at the 3 possible reasons for respraying a car for resale above, it's wise to say that the best way to buy a car is to always check the car thoroughly and physically with a very learned technician. if it's been resprayed ask for the reason why it was resprayed; if the reason is inline with reason 2 above, confirm that by inspecting it physically and determining the extent of the accident prior to the respray. If it isn't much of an accident e.g a minor fender, door dent or bumper scar etc then its nothing to worry about once confirmed. We all know there are some people who are very finicky about how clean of scratches their cars must be at all times. Such people tend to respray their cars at regular intervals e.g annually or quarterly etc
The basic rule is to inspect or have someone physically inspect the car to ascertain that it is in a great driving state and look. Many people have lost good bargains on cars because they heard it was resprayed and immediately backed out on the bargain. Besides, a resprayed car does not mean the Engines and transmission are damaged or affected in anyway. These are actually the two most important things to check first when buying a car.

So next time when you hear "It has been resprayed" don't run just yet as it makes no sense. ask why it was resprayed and go check it out physically to ascertain the reason for the repainting. You most likely would be getting a better bargain.

- Viperman